How can I renew my Fire Pit Permit?

If you have purchased a permit online through your eServices account, you can easily renew your permit online. Please note, renewal permit fees are the same as new permit fees. Check Fire Pit Permit fees here.


Once you have logged in to your eServices account, click eServices.

Click ‘Get a Fire Pit Permit’.

If your permit is available to be renewed (30 days prior to expiry date), there will be an option to renew.

Click on the ‘Renew’ icon.


Complete or update each section.

  • 1. Home/Property Owner Information:

    If you own the home or property, leave ‘Yes’ selected. If you are not the property owner, select ‘No’. You will be required to provide the information of the home owner.

    2. Permit Period of Validity:

    Fire Pit Permits can be purchased for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years at a cost of $10.00 per year. Please select the period you wish the permit to be valid for. The permit expiry date is based from the date you purchased the permit, through the period of validity.

    3. Terms and Conditions:

    Select the checkboxes to agree to all terms and conditions

    4. Add to Shopping Cart:

Select ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ and proceed to the checkout to process your payment. For steps to complete this process, please see ‘How can I pay for my Shopping Cart?’


Once you have successfully paid for your Fire Pit Permit, you will receive an email notification with the permit attached. Please print and sign this permit for your records. Upon request, this permit must be made available to the Fire Department or a Peace Officer.